“All with Didac”campaign raised more than 3.000€ during 2017

January 2018

The "All with Dídac" campaign was born 5 years ago thanks to the parents of Dídac Gauxax, a child diagnosed with Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID). The purpose of this campaign is to raise funds to raise awareness about primary immunodeficiencies (PID).

In the last two years, "All with Dídac" campaign has raised more than 9.000€ that allowed to offer the first "Juan Gauxax" grant in 2016 (in honor of Dídac's elder brother, who died due to SCID 7 years ago) to Dr. Jacques Rivière at CHU Sainte-Justine Hospital, Montreal, Canada. This annual grant is intended for PID training in a hospital or specialized center, national or international, for a minimum period of 2 months and with a maximum amount of 1.500€.

During 2017, the Gauxax family has carried out different activities to raise funds for PID research as the sale of key rings in Sant Joan d’Alacant, the Roman Fair of Traiguera, the Fair of La Jana, sale of handcrafts in Vinarós or the sale of ballots for a Christmas basket thanks to the “Associació Cultural Coral Infantil Assumpció” among others, raising more than 3.000€ in the past year. This year, thanks to these funds collected we have launched the second edition of the "Juan Gauxax" grant.

Thank you very much, Gauxax Fuenllana family for your untiring and constant collaboration!

You are the missing piece!

➕ info "All with Dídac": http://www.totsambdidac.com/

➕ info "Juan Gauxax" grant: http://www.pidfoundationbcn.org/en/summons/juan-gauxax-grant