Actividad en la Escuela Pia de Terrassa

November 2019

Yesterday we were at the Pia School in Terrassa, carrying out an activity with 110 students in 6th grade where Pol, a patient from our unit, attends.
Students were able to learn what are primary immunodeficiencies (PID) and basic aspects of the immune system. With the activity they managed to empathize with the children who suffer from PID, frequent but quite unknown diseases, and get closer to their reality.
Activities like this bring us closer to the daily life of our patients in an area of proximity such as school, and contribute to our attention including a community health perspective.

Many thanks to all the students and the team of teachers of the Pia School from Terrassa for making us feel at home!

This activity could be carried out thanks to "Obra Social La Caixa" grant for the Project "I have PID. I am not alone."