Activity at the Celestí Bellera high school in Granollers

June 2021

On Tuesday,  we were at the Institut Celestí Bellera in Granollers, carrying out an activity with 100 3rd year ESO students, Aya's classmates, a patient treated at the UPIIP of the Vall d'Hebron Barcelona Hospital Campus. We carried out the activity part of the UPIIP health team and the students were able to learn what primary immunodeficiencies (PID) are, how they are treated, how they can affect the emotional level, quality of life, and acquired knowledge for good personal hygiene and prevention of infections.

The most important thing is that they managed to empathize with her friend Aya, and get closer to her experience as a patient, ending the activity with a loud applause that empowered her to face a new treatment.

Activities like this make it possible for us to give visibility to PID including the community and increase their awareness and knowledge.

Thanks Institut Celestí Bellera, Aya and family, it has been a pleasure to share the experience together.