The BCN PID Foundation at the Mestre Gibert School

December 2017

On Monday 4th of December, within the framework of the project "The PID in schools", the foundation team had the opportunity to carry out an activity with the students of 6th grade of the “Mestre Enric Gibert” school in Barcelona, ​​where a patient with a PID is studying.

The objective was to bring the reality of Dídac and many other children affected by primary immunodeficiency (PID) to the school context and to allow his friends and colleagues to get closer with his daily fight against his chronic illness.

The activity consisted of 4 work spaces where different aspects of the health field were represented. In the different activities they learned basic concepts of the immune system, they empathized with the reality of the children with PID and became aware of how and when to maintain healthy.

This kind of activities approach children to the daily life of patients with PID and contributes to improving their care, including a health perspective at a social and community level.