The project "I have PID. I am not alone" is valued with excellent results

September 2018

Patients and beneficiary families of the "I have PID. I am not alone" project value the attention received with excellent results.

With the objective of giving voice to patients, in 2018 77 assessment questionnaires were conducted for patients (over 12 years old) and their relatives. The opinion of 9 professionals involved in the comprehensive care of immunocompromised patients has also been collected to incorporate it in the phase of project review, through satisfaction surveys.

The results obtained are highly satisfactory (range 4-5 for a maximum of 5) in all the items evaluated, both in terms of general care of the unit and psychological support. Particularly noteworthy is the positive evaluation of the treatment received, the professionalism and the involvement of the team in the work that is being carried out and the accompaniment that is offered in the process of the disease that children and their families suffer. The lowest result was in assessing the suitability of the visits space in all respondents, although it is above 3.