RECOMB Project: Gene therapy for SCID?

March 2022

From the BCN PID Foundation, we support the RECOMB project, which aims to develop gene therapy for patients with Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID) or "Bubble Children" with mutations in RAG1.

The Vall d'Hebrón Research Institute (VHIR) "Infection in the Immunodepressed Pediatric Patient" research group participates in the RECOMB project, which is funded by the European Commission's #Horizon2020 research program.

This project is a multicenter gene therapy project which is included in the Horizon 2020 program and has already completed its preclinical part. Together with other European centres, Vall d'Hebron is working to offer this possibility to bubble boys and girls with RAG-1 deficiency, a very serious disease that can be detected by the heel prick test in our country.