We generate network! Psychology project for adults with PID

May 2021

Very pleased to be able to present for the first time the project "I have PID. I'm a grown up and I'm not alone" to our adult patients. Last month, from the BCN PID Foundation, we presented the psychological care project to the group of patients with PID attending the webinar on Immunodeficiencies in adults, led by Dr. Solanich, with the initiative of the Catalan Association of Primary Immune Deficits (ACADIP), which contributes to our unstoppable struggle for their well-being. You can now see the full presentation at the following link: https://youtu.be/2aYlKyNzvqE. A close and enriching space to share knowledge, needs and experiences.

Thanks to the collaboration of the La Caixa Foundation.

We keep you informed families!