Workshop on self-care with a group of PID patients

January 2019

From the "I have PID, I am not alone" project, on January 7th, we have carried out a new group workshop for PID children to work on self-care and to be able to learn to take care of ourselves in terms of physical health and also the emotional one.

We have played a game to know which self-care habits are positive and which behaviors do not help us to enjoy a good health. Afterwards we talked about our responsibility to feel good and what we can do to feel it, this has led us to identify the good times we live in. Some have to do with extraordinary things, but others are small things that happen every day, you just need to know how to find them. We have also reflected on the experiences of children in the hospital, it is true that many of them have had hard times, but everyone has agreed that here you can also find very good times if you know how to find them. With all this, we wanted to make a little box to make sure we keep those good times and to be able to keep filling it.

We hope that group activity has also been a happy time to share with other PID children.