April 2020

Today ends this WPIW that we have had to live from home. Throughout this week, we wanted to remember the events we have organized from the BCN PID Foundation for previous WPIWs, which reinforce what our founding goals are:

WE DO RESEARCH with the organization of scientific seminars of international experts together with the VHIR and with scholarships such as the one collected thanks to the song "Bombolles de Colors" from Boxets.

WE SPREAD THE WORD with the different balloon launches and events such as mapping on the health department building.

WE TRAIN PID PROFESSIONALS with PID training courses for senior residents and nursing staff.

WE IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF LIFE OF PATIENTS with the creation of informative material that is delivered at the time of diagnosis, welcome kits on admission and psychosocial support to patients and relatives.

WE SUPPORT NEW BORN SCREENING, with events such as Park Güell with the assistance of the then Minister of Health, Mr. Toni Comín, and the consequent implementation in the heel test of the most severe form of PID, the SCID, in all newborns in Catalonia from January 2017.