Little smiles, Big emotions

February 2023

On the occasion of World Day for Minority Diseases, today was the start of the "Small smiles, Big emotions" campaign, where Milagros, an adult patient with a personality disorder, has delivered some handmade dolls to Pediatric patients with PID at the multipurpose pediatric hospital of Vall d'Hebron Barcelona Hospital Campus. The campaign will continue until the dolls run out and the protagonist of the campaign will continue to come personally.

Thanks to the Vall d'Hebron Barcelona Hospital Campus and with the collaboration of the Barcelona PiD Foundation and the ITLimit Foundation, it has been possible for patients with minority diseases that have nothing to do with each other and help each other. Laura López, a psychologist at the Pediatric Infectious Pathology and Immunodeficiency Unit (UPIIP) and coordinator of the foundation's activities, has served as a link between these two realities. With this delivery, the patients, their families and Milagros have lived in the hospital an experience with positive emotions that empowers them.

Little smiles, big emotions.

Thank you Milagros!