To promote the excellence in knowledge, study, research and dissemination of PID and related infectious complications that may arise in affected pediatric patients.

To promote the excellence in the comprehensive care of PID affected pediatric patients, in order to improve their quality of life through advanced actions as clinical assessment, research, education, advocacy and psychosocial assistance to patients and their relatives.

  • The mission of the BCN PID Foundation is to provide support for PID and  to promote their knowledge, research and care of patients with PID and their families.
  • The vision pursued by the BCN PID Foundation is that children suffering from PID have a better quality of life during the evolution of the disease and try to encourage social supports to achieve it.
  • To achieve our mission and foundational objectives we invest most of our resources on our action programs. May you want to know the balance and income statement of the Foundation, please go to the section "Our numbers".