We provide psychosocial care services to adult patients with PID with the goal of achieving comprehensive and continuous inclusion for all recipients. We work through tools that enhance the experience of the disease and coping capacity, fostering personal empowerment to attain improvements in quality of life.

We assist in the transition from pediatric consultations to adult medical services, offering a comprehensive and exclusive treatment for patients with PID.

Project: "I'm already an adult. I have PID, and I am not alone" (La Caixa Social Work).

Target audience: Adult patients with PID and their families from any CatSalut-affiliated center participating in the program.

Access to beneficiaries: Through referral from their primary medical professional.

Human resources: One exclusive psychologist.

Objectives: Provide psychosocial care to adult patients with PID and their families throughout the evolution of their illness, accompanying them in decision-making, symptom control, and the development of an adaptive coping style. Prevent the onset of associated emotional disorders.

Activities: Individual, family, and group online psychology sessions tailored to the needs of each case, complemented by multidisciplinary coordination and immediate attention during emotional crises. We also provide support in the pediatric-to-adult healthcare transition process and advocate for the visibility of PIDs and the social recognition of their needs