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"Jana Esteve" grant

Start: June 2016

As promoted in its foundational objectives, the Barcelona PID Foundation offers several educational grants for the benefit of all healthcare community. A maximum of three grants (with an amount between 250 and 500 euros each) will be awarded annually for the attendence to conferences and training courses about primary immunodeficiencies. Each grant may have special conditions depending on the course or the conference aimed to go, having anyway, the following common bases:

1. It must be requested by graduates in medicine, biology, immunology and other health sciences (must be accredited by a photocopy of the title or equivalent).

2. The applicant must fill out the form that that can be found HERE and send it to: 

3. Any grant requested out of deadline will not be accepted.

4. The allocation of grants will be decided by the selection committee on an extraordinary meeting of the foundation's board.

5. The selection committee, according to the assessment of the applicants, may decide to leave the call empty. 

6. The beneficiary will receive 100% of the amount of the grant when all documentation indicated in the previous points is delivered. This amount is subject to income tax, so BCN PID Foundation will deducted it from the total, taking also required to declare it to the people they are granted.